Established in spring of 2018, the IDEALab New Rochelle Residency supports creative practitioners, researchers, digital storytellers, and other immersive technology leaders in their work using emerging technologies to share culture, tell stories, advance research and propel creative practice. A quiet oasis just a half-hour from NYC, the IDEALab Residency allows practitioners to focus on one’s current body of work without distraction. Amenities include a furnished live/work apartment, an adjacent fully-appointed technology lab with technical support, and front door access to NYC Metro North-bound trains. Meet our inaugural cohort here.

We are accepting Residents for our Spring 2019 Cohort.
Applications are due November 15th.

Spring 2019 Residency Information

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Updated on September 27, 2018

How long can a Residency be?

Residencies can be 2-6 months in total. Most Residents participate for 3-4 months.

Do I have to live at the IDEALab Residency space?

It’s our preference, but not a hard and fast requirement. We’ve found that Residents who have chosen to live at the IDEALab Residency become more engaged with their project at hand, their fellow Residents, and with the local community. Of course, we understand that everyone has different circumstances. We have had Residents who participated in the program without living at IDEALab. We evaluate each application on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to be at the Residency full-time?

The IDEALab Residency is not a full-time commitment. We expect you to make progress on your work, participate in IDEALab Resident events and find ways to engage with the New Rochelle community, but we also recognize that our Residents have many projects and life commitments beyond their IDEALab experience. You’ll still be able to freelance, teach, and work during this residency. And, if you’ve taken time off to solely focus on your IDEALab Residency, that’s wonderful too!

What Makes for a “Good” IDEALab Resident?

You’ll get the most out of your experience if you come to the Residency with a plan to make progress on a specific project. You should be independent and self-directed in pursuing your body of work. You will be living and working with other creative technologists, so you should be responsible, courteous, open-minded, curious and willing to get to know and support others. You should be interested in finding ways to share your body of work with your fellow cohort members, IDEA leadership and members of the general New Rochelle public (we are very committed to creating a strong link between the community and our Residency).

Where Can I Learn More about IDEA and the IDEALab Residency?

We have blogged fairly regularly about the Residents and some of their activities here.

I don’t have a car...will that be an issue?

The IDEALab Residency is located at the New Rochelle Train Station, directly above NYC-bound Metro North trains. Downtown New Rochelle is extremely walkable and there are two grocery stores, a farmers market, a yoga studio, a library, gyms, and plenty of restaurants within a five minute walk. If you need to rent a car to run errands, car rentals and taxis are also located at the station.

Are there scholarships?

Occasionally we are able to offer Residents scholarship assistance to help with the monthly $900 Residency cost. Please indicate your interest/need for a scholarship in the application.