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Interactive Digital Environments Alliance (IDEA) is dedicated to promoting, developing, and maintaining a vibrant new Arts and Technology District working with the City of New Rochelle’s Downtown Business Improvement District (BID).

IDEA encourages innovation, collaboration, research, open data and social responsibility in the fields of immersive media, artificial intelligence, digital storytelling and performance. The organization will serve as a platform for a growing community of artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs to develop new work with emerging technologies. Read about our current projects on our blog.

How to make an Art and Technology City?

Under the leadership of Director Amelia Winger-Bearskin (formerly the Director of the DBRS Innovation Labs, professor of New Media and Performance at Vanderbilt University and NYU-ITP Graduate), IDEA will be partnering with some of New York’s leading institutions, universities and non-profits to integrate the Arts and Technology District into the existing ecosystem of educators, entrepreneurs, and technologists already working in New Rochelle and neighboring communities.

  • IDEALab Residency

    Established in spring of 2018, the IDEALab New Rochelle Residency supports creative practitioners, researchers, digital storytellers, and other immersive technology leaders in their work using emerging technologies to share culture, tell stories, advance research and propel creative practice.

    A quiet oasis just a half-hour from NYC, the IDEALab Residency allows practitioners to focus on one’s current body of work without distraction. Amenities include a furnished live/work apartment, an adjacent fully-appointed technology lab with technical support, and front door access to NYC Metro North-bound trains.

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  • Motion Capture Studios

    The Body In Motion

    Motion Capture enabled spaces. The digital models developed with this data can be used in the production of animations for film, television, games, virtual reality experiences, and augmented reality applications.

  • IDEA Lab

    Motion Capture * VR * Molecular Gastronomy * Digital Fabrication

    IDEA's lab will be a network of facilities including a center for Motion Capture and VR/MR/AR, a molecular gastronomy kitchen, and a makerspace equipped with digital fabrication tools. Our lab will be a place for start-ups, artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs and educators to collaborate and develop a community of makers.

  • In collaboration with the Bloomberg Mayor's Challenge IDEA and the City of New Rochelle will use VR tools to collaborate in the design of space in our downtown. We are bringing tools from cutting edge of immersive technology to design New Rochelle together.